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Here we are again in New York City at the historical and incomparable B.B.King’s Blues Club.
In 2007 we lived an international atmosphere with many fans from european countries. This year a number of coincidences set magically a very singular happening in motion, close to the beating life in Times Square.
Pat and Neil looked definitely relaxed also because they’ve just ended their vacation last month in Sicily, the native land of Neil’s grandparents. So it was impossible for him not to pronounce many times some words from my country. It’s curious to see him to gesture exactly as an Italian, when he explains the construction of his songs.
But what I have to think when you know an American fan close to you with Italian parents from Foggia, who offers you a glass of champagne after only one minute of conversation ? What I have to think when you know three American sisters, Anna Maria, Deborah and Diane, with grandparents from Naples and Palermo, who look more Italian than you and who cuddle you all evening long offering everything you should have to pay ? How much Italian blood flows inside the veins of fans of this magnificent duo ?
A lot and, on the music of “Painted Desert”, with lighted candles on every talble and with shivers that pierce your body, a question spontaneously arises: are we in New York City or in Italy ?
How much positive energy develops between the fans during a Pat Benatar concert. And the duo does his best to satisfy them: handshakes, winks, picks presented, t-shirts signed at the last second. And finally an important news: Pat announces the release of a wholly acoustic album for Christmas 2008. The impeccable performance of “We Live For Love” and “We Belong” tender a savoury taste of it.
We can only hope that won’t be “Promises In The Dark” !

Luca Ansaldo


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